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RAID application template

Post  Cheylon on Thu May 07, 2009 4:56 pm

Application Guidelines:

Our application template is most likely unlike any other you have seen elsewhere. We use a balanced scorecard meaning that different sections have points attached to it. We then judge how many points you receive on each section and add them together to see if you reach the minimum points needed for acceptance.

Please paste and copy the below template (starting from intro) and fill it out.

A short FAQ:

Q:What does all this balanced scorecard mean?
A:It means that we are recruiting you as a person on the whole not based on a few essential requirements.

Q:Why don't all sections have the same value?
A:Because some things are more important than others, e.g. you might be able to play 24/7 but if you don’t know what a dps rotation is then it's not of much use.

Q:How come your application template is so short?
A:Unlike most guilds we don’t want you to sit down a whole evening to write an application. If we like what we see we’ll talk in game or on Ventrilo. That being said: if you show absolutely no imagination or your application is full of errors it will not be considered.

Intro (5 points)

Real life name and age:
Contact e-mail:
Character name:

Character information (20 points)

Armoury link (make sure you are logged out in the gear you are applying with):
Experience before Wotlk:
Experience in Wotlk:
Previous mains (if any) and how long you played them:

Availability (20 points)

Are you free to play:
Thursday 19:30-23:00 server time (Y/N)
Sunday 16:00- 20:00 server time (Y/N)
Would you be able to keep a 75% attendance on the above schedule? (Y/N)
Available other days? If so please specify

Knowledge (20 points)

List the websites you use to research your character and raid encounters (database sites need not be listed):
What is the most useless talent/spell your character has (no explanation)?

Social (15 points)

Do you know anyone in the guild?
How long have you been on this server?

Motivation (15 points)

Describe in 5 words why you want to join (it does not have to be a sentence):
Describe in 5 words what defines you as a player (it does not have to be a sentence):

Bonus section (20 points)

This is not mandatory to complete but it can add some extra points which you might need -

Post a wws report link:

Please solve this puzzle:

Look at this sequence of numbers: 2 81 6 27 18 9 54 3 ? ?

What two numbers should replace the question marks?


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