Values and Rules of <Anger>

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Values and Rules of <Anger>

Post  Cheylon on Thu May 07, 2009 4:50 pm

..::Executive Summary::..

The following is a brief summary designed to give you an idea of what this guild is and what it is not. Futher details can be found below.

What is this guild?
This guild is like a low cost airline, meaning it is cut down to the very core of what is required to run a raiding guild. There is no DKP system, no minimum attendence requirements and it's not even a requirement to join the guild! While this lack of structure might discourage some people, we believe it offers many more advantages than disadvantages if you are the right type of player.

The right type of player is really anyone who enjoys this game, wants to see all the content available and be challenged, but is unable or unwilling to sacrifice large chunks of time in order to do it.

Another way to think of this guild is like a good PUG - the one where you just jump in, blaze through the obstacles and then you leave, with that great feeling of "wow this is what every PUG should be like!". This is the scenario we recreate by taking great players from our guild + adding more great players from other guilds, and off we go!

We raid 2 nights a week - Thursday (19:00 to 23:00) and Sunday (16:00 - 20:00). 10 man is initially our goal but as our network of solid players increase we will do 25 man style as well.

Our goal is always to raid the newest dugeon available - this currently being Ulduar.

What is this guild NOT?
It is not a place you should expect to claim server firsts, seconds or even thirds. We do aim to be efficient but given our limited raid times it would be extremely rare to get ahead of 5 days a week guilds.

It is not the place for those who need to chat all night long - some evenings can be very quite.

It is not for those who goes nuts if they don't get the drops they want - having no DKP system makes getting loot somewhat random.

We are not aimed towards those who wants an organized raid most nights of the week - you will only get frustrated.

We are not for those who want to clear all farm content every single week before doing progress raids - we simply don't have the time.

That's basically it. We run things lean and efficient - minimizing time spent on administrative work and maximizing raiding time. If your interested then read on or check out our FAQ section here:

Following is a more detailed description of how <Anger> works. Enjoy!

..::Mission Statement::..

- We want to enjoy all the content this game has to offer, without requiring 30 hours or more a week in order to acheive this.

-We want to progress at a reasonable pace.

-We want to spend our time with likeminded individuals, who play to win and want continual improvement as a player.

-We will never allow a player to free ride.

-We will never recruit players "just" to fill slots.

-We will use the guildbank to actively help the members of the guild.

..::Raiding times::..

We have chosen to raid 2 times a week:
Sunday 16:00 to 20:00
Thursday 19:00 to 23:00.

We might occasionally extend the raiding times by 30 min.

We will only raid the newest content available. If this should be cleared then the focus is on achievements in previous dugeons if possible (i.e. enough players are not already saved). Guild members are free to go with other guilds or other PUGS to "old" dugeons (Naxx, OS, EoE).

..::Raid invites::..

Raid invites are usually done 20 min before raid start. At that time a keyword is given out which must be whispered to the raidleader in order to be invited. If more than required participants joins the raid will be selected based on the following factors:

Setup required
Skill assesment / raiding history
Membership (in or outside the guild)

Recount and WWS reports are used to asses skill level.

..::Rules of the raid::..

We don't have a lot of set rules as we believe common sense should rule. That being said there are a few guidlines we will enforce:

- Show matureness and humility

- Only critisize constructively

- Take responsibility for your actions

- Be a positive and active influence to the guild and or raid

- Always try to improve your game

- Don't go afk outside break time

..::Loot rules::..

Credit to Jokke for original post.

- 1 epic per person, based on highest Roll. Everyone can roll for a item they want. If you win this counts as your 1 epic per run (read: instance!)

- You are allowed to sell the item you won in a roll to someone who wants to buy it. This also counts as your 1 epic per run.

- Have you already gotten an item and you want more, you are allowed to bid money for an item. If the winner of the roll decides to sell it, it go's to the highest bidder. The master looter decides the time to bid.

- If you intend to buy an item, and you have not gotten an item before. You must also have tried an roll for this item. The first epic you buy counts as your 1 epic per run. After this you cannot roll for an item again and say "yeah but i only lost rolls and bought"

- I no one wants an item, it will be FFA (Free For All).

- If a player can complete a set, he gets set completion priority on a item no matter if he got an item earlier that run. This is to reward people who have joined our raids many times and spend time,money and effort to make these raids work.

- In the end the Masterlooter and the Raidleader are always right.

- Some items will go to the bank.

..::Structure of the guild::..

Admistrative duties is divided in order to cover everything. However it is kept limited in order to facilitate a fast decision making structure.

Guildmaster: Strategic planning and recruitment

Officer: Handles all day to day issues.

Core member: Player that has been in the guild minimum 3 months, shown a consistant raid performance, high raid attendence (80%+) and expresses the core values of the guild. Gets raid repair costs paid, free pots/food and free enchants for his/her gear*

Member: A player that has passed his/her trial, shown a consistant raid performance and expresses the core values of the guild. Gets raid repair costs paid*

Trial: Has recently joined the guild and is aiming to become a raiding member of the guild.

Social: Joined for pure social reasons. Can sign up for raids but has low priority on invitations

Alt: 'Nuff said

*Dependent on guild bank status.


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